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    Full-Stack / AI Software Engineer – Internship

    COI Energy Services


    What is COI Energy?

    The first energy on-demand marketplace that connects electric utilities and businesses to drive energy efficiency in buildings and balance the grid. Our proprietary cloud-based platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to identify, manage, optimize and monetize flexible energy resources in buildings. With our vast experience in the industry, we developed a unique solution that addresses the needs of customers on both sides of the equation unlike traditional services. The visibility and transparency we bring to the energy ecosystem help drive efficiency in buildings, optimize the grid and reduce costs. The marketplace is a subscription-based model that allows users to select their level of service.

    What are we looking for?

    COI Energy has an opening for a Full Stack / AI Software Engineer position open in our Tampa, FL or New York office. We are looking for a detail-oriented individual who is passionate about solving problems and harnessing technology for good. Candidate should have some experience building AI or working on specific machine learning projects.

    What’s the team like?

    Working for COI Energy Services, irrespective of our size, will always feel like working for a small, agile company that brings great ideas to life. We are committed to market driven innovation. We think and act for the long term and value entrepreneurial spirit. Working for COI Energy Services is fun and challenging and we all wear multiple hats. We believe strongly in diversity, excellence, and meritocracy. We as a team define our future and everybody in the team can actively participate in this journey.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Build data models into our product platform to gather and provide insights and recommendations to our customers’ energy management needs
    • Work closely with the development team to incorporate the data model into the product platform
    • Show proof of concept of how the data model works and be able to explain the model at a high level while also being able to delve into the details when needed
    • Represent a team who strives for Operational Excellence and first-class Customer Service
    • Effective communication skills are critical and required
    • Perform other duties as necessary

    Required Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
    • Master’s Degree Machine Learning and/or Artificial Intelligence
    • Strong familiarity with all relevant AWS microservices dealing with data organization, parsing, flow, storage, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
    • 5+ years related job experience
    • Clear, demonstrable ML/AI expertise and experience dealing with large data sets
    • Python/R/Java or equivalently capable programming language
    • Angular JS, HTML, CSS
    • Probability and statistics
    • Applied Math and algorithms

    Desired Qualifications:

    • Front end and back end integration experience a plus
    • Basic UI design for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile interactions a plus