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    Homee | Ocala, FL


    HOMEE is looking to add to its growing network of independent contractors. We seek talented and detail-oriented Landscapers. In this role, you will perform a range of general lawn maintenance duties including applying fertilizers, maintaining the landscape design, removing weeds and dead plants, and supervising repairs. Nights and weekends strongly desired.

    Landscaper Responsibilities: 

    • Apply pesticides to remove harmful insects such as mosquitos, wasps, and ticks.
    • Conduct general maintenance duties such as cleaning walkways, fixing fountains, and other duties.
    • Apply fertilizer to help enhance growth.
    • Take out weeds and dead plants.
    • Trim overgrown limbs, hedges, and leaves.
    • Uphold the landscaping design and ensure plant growth.
    • Plant new decorative bushes, flowers, plants, and shrubs.
    • Advise clients on how to look after the landscape.

    Please note this position offers flexibility to work variable hours. Our independent contractors set their own schedules and work anywhere from 4 to 40 hours per week.

    Pay: $24 to $66/hour depending on years of experience.

    Take the jobs you want. Get paid within 72 hours. All work is timed down to the minute. For more information, please apply on this page.