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Post-doctoral Fellow - Nanoparticle Synthesis [contract]

Molekule | Tampa, FL

"Best Places to Work 2019" -SF Business Times

Molekule is looking for a Post-Doctoral Fellow with experience in synthesis of nanomaterials to join our R&D team. Most work will be performed in the Tampa, Florida, laboratory of Prof. Yogi Goswami at the University of South Florida Clean Energy Research Center and the nearby Molekule laboratory facility.

We are looking for a synthetic chemist to aid in wet chemistry research and other research activities we conduct. The ideal candidate would have experience in or be eager to learn a variety of nanomaterial synthesis and analytical techniques currently used in the testing and development of new technologies. These techniques include, but are not limited to, UV-Vis / FT-IR spectroscopy, and SEM. In addition, the ideal candidate would aid in developing new techniques and/or apparatus for additional analyses. He/she will perform experiments, collect data, present data to the Molekule team, and aid in preparing reports with the collected data.


    • Perform wet chemistry experiments in the lab
    • Conduct review of literature
    • Write research articles, technical reports and research proposals
    • Assist in experimental design and construction of apparatus
    • Assist in performing and documenting experiments
    • Interfacing with client personnel, specifically data compilation, analysis, and presentation 


    • PhD in chemistry, or related fields
    • Synthetic organic chemistry experience
    • Experience with nanoparticle synthesis and characterization
    • Experience with other laboratory characterization / analysis techniques—for example, UV-Vis spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, SEM, etc.
    • Experience with analytical / statistical software tools (e.g., Excel, etc.) 

Desired Qualifications

    • Experience at a wet chemistry laboratory
    • Specific experience in the synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials and ionic liquids/surfactants
    • Background in physical chemistry through education or experience
    • Experience with surface tension measurements
    • Experience with viscosity measurements
We are Molekule and we’re changing air purification. Molekule uses 20 years of breakthrough science to destroy airborne pollutants, leaving behind truly, clean air. Our mission isn’t just making air purifiers, but cleaning the air everywhere. It’s a lofty goal, but that's why we need you.

Molekule Values:
"Check your ego at the door."
Determination & Grit
"We believe in what we're doing, that's why we persevere through problems."
"We roll up our sleeves, do the work, own the outcomes, and are proud of our contributions (no matter the size)."
"We're all in this together."
"We're devoted to changing the world for the better."
Growth Mindset
"I know that I don't know everything, there's always more to learn. I learn from my mistakes."
"Candid, Effective, Respectful. Assuming Good Intentions."

Organizational Philosophy
The objective of all organizational processes is to turn our organization into something scalable, repeatable, and efficient that reflects our culture.

Our organizational philosophy is "Every great accomplishment is the result of a team working in harmony, not just individuals. We believe teamwork and a sense of egalitarian"  responsibility is fundamental to building a great organization.

Molekule is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We will consider employment for qualified applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance. The Company will also not discharge, or in any manner discriminate or retaliate against, any employee who discloses their own wages, discusses the wages of others, inquires about another employee’s wages, or aids or encourages any other employee to do the same. The Company is not obligated to disclose wages.

Applicants with disabilities may e-mail HR@molekule.com or text or call 415.439.0018, to request and arrange for accommodations. If you need assistance to accommodate a disability, you may request an accommodation at any time.